Should You Choose Vertical or Horizontal Blinds?

Both vertical and horizontal blinds serve as great functional window treatments, but which is best for your space?

Blinds can add an interesting feature to your home while providing the privacy you need. There are many different types, styles, and even functions of blinds, but they come in two orientations: horizontal and vertical. You may be wondering: What are the different purposes and functions of each type of blinds, and which type would be best for your home or office. The Shade Shop offers this guide to help you make the best choice.

Horizontal Blinds are a great option for more traditional window sizes. They can be added to virtually any regular sized window in your home or office. They offer great light control while still giving you privacy. Window treatments like Hunter Douglas horizontal blinds have many special features like de-Light™ which hides cord holes, eliminating those annoying spots of light. This feature blocks light for better light control and privacy. Other features include Dust Shield™, which actually repels dust so you can clean less.

Hunter Douglas makes horizontal blinds an interesting window treatment for your home by offering them in a range of textures and finishes, colors, materials, and sizes. Together, Hunter Douglas horizontal blinds range from widths of 7 ¾ to 144 inches and heights of 6 to 126 inches, so you can customize them to fit virtually any window. They also vary in slat sizes to block out and control light. They are offered in many styles of real wood, alternative wood, and aluminum, so you can choose the aesthetic that is best for your space. Hunter Douglas horizontal blinds will accommodate anything from the the slender window in your bathroom to the wider window in your living room.

You may want to consider vertical blinds if you are needing a window covering for larger expanses of window or glass, like sliding glass doors. This is because they traverse horizontally, making them easier to operate for larger window spaces. The summer months are especially important when you want to prevent large amounts of sunlight from coming in your bigger windows. This window treatment is perfect for the large windows in your living room, or sliding glass doors that lead to your patio. Hunter Douglas vertical blinds have many features such as the traditional chain and chord system, which provide smooth operation. Another operating system featured on select vertical blinds from Hunter Douglas is PermaTilt®, a single control to both rotate the vanes and traverse the fabric of your blinds.

Hunter Douglas vertical blinds are extremely customizable. They come in an array of materials, colors, and patterns to accommodate many different spaces in your home, or even office. They range in widths of 9 to 384 inches and heights of 9 to 192 inches, different slat sizes, and a range of prices to fit any budget. Vertical blinds from Hunter Douglas do more than just serve function though – they add a sophisticated and unique look to any space.

Both horizontal and vertical blinds are great options for window treatments. At The Shade Shop, we can help you choose which one is best for you by offering window treatment consultations. In addition to Hunter Douglas blinds, we offer sheers, shades, and shutters for your home or office. Whether you are needing new window coverings, or are working on a renovation project, we would love to help! We serve Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Holland, Spring Lake and the entire West Michigan area, and our showroom is located in Grand Rapids. Visit or Contact us today and we’ll get started!